Nail Art

Nail Art

5 Fun Trends to Try

                Searching for some inspiration for your next manicure? Check out these 5 fun nail trends that are sure to spice up your next mani!


This year has been full of colorful manicures; with some even choosing a different shade for each finger. Go bold with a full-spectrum rainbow across your fingernails or try something a little more subtle with varying pastel shades for each digit.


Traditional glitter polishes have been around for years, but newer options like duo-chrome powders or holographic gels are all the rage. Go glitter all the way or try out an accent nail to get a feel for the glow.


The days of having only baby pinks and pearls as neutral options are long gone! This trend is perfect if you prefer a more toned-down nail look. Try out a taupe or dove gray for a fun spin on natural earth-tones. Mix and match neutrals for a unique yet sophisticated look.

Blank Space

This minimalistic look can make a huge impact. Try layering clear, shiny polish on each finger and adding simple accents (lines, dots, etc) on a few of your fingers in a pastel purple or white.


Adding texture is the perfect way to spice up your mani! Go for chunky glitters or molded acrylic designs to add a fun artistic pop to your nails.