Planning a Pamper Night in 7 Easy Steps

Planning a Pamper Night in 7 Easy Steps


Blast music that boosts your mood or set a soothing tone to a relaxing night. Pick some tunes that fit the theme of your night.


Burn some incense, light a few candles, set up a comfy spot to relax in your living room, bathroom, etc.


Grab some of your favorite things to snack on and a cup of tea to unwind. We suggest peppermint or chamomile.

Skin Care

Take your time going through your skin care routine. Throw in a new serum or try out a fun mask.


Bust out the nail polish remover, cotton balls, and your favorite polish. Maybe try something new and add a glittery accent nail to your usual manicure.


Give your mane a good clean. Take the time to remove any product buildup before treating yourself to a moisturizing hair mask.


While you’re in the bath or shower, give your skin a good exfoliating treatment. Use a gritty scrub to remove dry skin and buildup.

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