Popular Instagram Hair of 2018

Popular Instagram Hair of 2018

5 Viral Trends

Watergun Haircolor

This trend was started by @katkolors and @buzzedandfaded on Instagram in April of 2018. Using water guns filled with semi-permanent fashion colors, they shoot color over sections of pre-lightened hair for a kaleidoscopic effect. Each section is separated by foils or sheets to prevent bleeding. Although the majority of Instagram may know it as Watergun Haircolor, the artists who created this technique refer to it as their “Splash Kaleidoscope” method.

Pixel Hair

This trend really hit the Instagram scene with a post by @crikirsten, a student of Madrid-based hairdressing group X-presion Creativos. The post showcased a dark-haired woman with pixelated pink flamingo designs throughout her hair. As the hair is parted, more and more flamingos are visible. With the hair down naturally, only slight, sporadic bits of pink peek through. Since the post, different artist have posted their own versions of the pixel hair technique.

Drip Dying

Made popular by Taylor Rae, a colorist in Denver, Colorado. This technique is achieved by mixing color with water to create the right drip consistency and then pouring multiple colors over certain sections of hair before coming through. Each section has a different color story using shades that blend well together and don’t create muddy tones. The sections are kept separate using plastic or foam hair sheets to prevent bleeding.

Water Bottle Curls

This trend began as a response to the new Dyson Airwrap hair styler which retails for $499.99 and uses heat-controlled air to attract sections of hair to the wand and curl them. This waterbottle technique hit the scene as a cheaper “hair hack” alternative video with plenty of people jumping on board to try it out themselves. The curls are achieved by cutting holes in a waterbottle to direct the air in a whirlpool-like motion and create low-maintenance curls.

Ghosted Hair

Variations of this silver hair trend have been going around for years. It’s has been going by different names and gaining popularity since around 2012. Sometimes called “granny hair” or “opal hair”, 2018’s version is known as Ghosted Hair. Started by London-based artist Jason Hogan or @mrjasonhogan on Instagram. He uses these semi-permanent silver, iridescent shades to add dimension to his clients with platinum hair that wouldn’t do well with traditional lowlights.

2018 was a big year for creative hair techniques, we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. Would you try out any of these trends?